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Experimentation laboratory based on careful research of the product



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Satisfy the cravings by being lenient with your throat

Experimentation laboratory based on the careful research of the product, from the alpine valleys to the Mediterranean coasts, to the rural hinterland, to the historic city districts, productions that are in charge of historical memory and tradition.

Respect of the ingredient in its original state or closest to it. The exaltation of taste through the mixture of a few ingredients, blunt in flavor, protagonists to the eye.

Wine Shop and Laboratory in Rome

A place with a welcoming architecture in an elegant comfortable atmosphere

Via dei Barbieri, takes its name from the University dating back to 1443 which brought together, in addition to the Barbers, also the Perfumers, the Hairdressers, the Phlebothomas and the Stufaroli, ie the owners of public baths called “stoves”.

At the time there was a particular category of barbers, called barber-surgeons, who carried out an activity very close to the medical one because they also practised operations such as blood salts, dental extractions or light wound dressings.


Ours is not a menu like any other. You will not find familiar and typical words of a place where one eats and drinks. It is the synthesis of a journey. My personal journey around the world that brought me to know and study with passion and love all that you will find here. First of all the human warmth, the welcome and a smile for everyone.
Later we will leave together, under my guidance, for a unique gustatory journey.
From the Pacific to the Mediterranean Sea, from Alaska to the Tuscan hills, here you will find a selection of what I consider the best food and the best drinks that our Earth can offer us. Each selection, each wine tells a unique story of near and far lands, of men lashed by the cold or with calloused hands. It is a story of millennial wisdom, handed down from man to man.
I wanted to present a timeless meal, suited to the rhythms of our life. You can decide to visit us for an aperitif, for a romantic dinner, an after-theatre or to end the working day with a comfortable dessert. My offers adapt for every occasion, accompanying your moments of relaxation and escape from everyday life, with a hint of originality.
It will be an honour for me to take you by the hand and accompany you on this adventure.
Welcome, the journey begins!

Giorgio Baldari

The Chef Giorgio Baldari

Inserted in the top 50 of the magazine Travel and Leasure treasures a gastronomic experience that goes from the Creole to the fusion passing through the soul food to the Caribbean.

A lover of history, he began a study on Spanish and Moorish influences in Italy, collaborating with Rafael Anson, president of the Real Academy of la cocina, which he Espanola in various events.

Great supporter of traceability and sustainability (it is part of the cooks of “Terra Madre” and “Chefs of the Alliance” of Slowfood) but also of the origin of the ingredients and dishes.

An absolutely eclectic and highly creative character, he has a sacred respect for the traditions and extreme attention to the quality of the ingredients but at the same time, he knows new cooking techniques, conservation and regeneration of the IV and V gamma dishes. For this reason, he was also chosen as a consultant by “Giovanni Rana” to coordinate the gastronomic line of restaurants.


  • Rosè Essence
    Franciacorta millesimato – Antica Fratta
  • Saten Essence
    Franciacorta millesimato – Antica Fratta
  • Quintessence
    Franciacorta Extra Brut- Antica Fratta
  • Vintage Tunina, Friuli
    Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia e Picolit – Jermann
  • Gewurztraminer St-Valentin, Trentino Alto Adige
    Gewurztraminer DOC – S.M. Appiano
  • Cervaro della Sala, Umbria
    Chardonnay e Grechetto – Antinori
  • Amarone RE PAZZO, Veneto
    Amarone della ValpolicellaClassico DOC – Terre di Leone
  • Barolo Serralunga, Piemonte
    Barolo DOCG – Tenuta Cucco
  • Nobile di Montepulciano, Toscana
    Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG – Avignonesi

Selection of Distillates

  • J.M XO
    Rhum – J.M
  • Ardbeg TEN
    Whisky – Arbeg
  • Hennessy Fine de Cognac
    Cognac – Hennessy
  • Chateau du Breuil 14 anni
    Calvados – Chateau du Breuil
  • Evo FUMO cl 50
    Grappa Barrique – Enoglam
  • Grappa Bianca
    Grappa – Borgo Vecchio
  • Whisky


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